Mon 13, Aug, 2018
Taurine in Goat Milk

Taurine in Goat Milk and its products:

  • Taurine content in goat milk is close to human milk.
  • About 25-57% of free amino acid in goat is in the form of taurine.
  • Taurine contend did not significantly vary during fermentation and storage period of fermented product.
  • Fermented goat milk produced with selected multiple starters can be a potential functional food.
  • Taurine is now part of several functional food and nutraceuticals.
  • In dairy products from goat whey has the highest taurine content while cheese contains 12.5-16.5%
  • The amount of taurine in milk products do not depend on temperature treatment.
  • Cheese made from cacioricotta goat milk, after heating milk to 90 degrees has higher taurine content than in caprino goats cheese obtained by treating milk at lower temperature.
  • Taurine has been found to be present in both fresh and ripened cheese providing a new reason for enhancing the value of this typical dairy product.
  • Goat’s milk rich in taurine-supplemented food and formula can provide long term beneficial effects to general health of humans.
  • The anti-diabetic to anti-ageing properties of taurine makes goat’s milk a good product for consumption by humans for improvement of quality of life.
  • Stability of taurine even at high temperature and storage makes its addition suitable for production of dairy products.
  • Retention of taurine contains in dairy products as well as in fermented products makes it suitable to use to person requires it in such products
  • Fermented goat milk enriched taurine can be a good functional food and nutraceutical.


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