Press surrounding the safety and accessibility of healthful raw meat-based diets for pets is often loaded with controversy. I spend a good portion of my job here at Primal helping to educate veterinary professionals on why more and more consumers are trying raw diets for their pets. I’m most often asked first about food safety. Concerns about feeding raw meat to a pet that also sleeps in the toddler’s bed or sits on grandma’s lap are at top of mind for my well-intended veterinary colleagues. Once I’ve made it clear to them that safety is a priority here at Primal Pet Foods, the conversation quickly moves toward balance. How are we sure that our foods are complete & balanced, containing all the nutrients essential for puppies to seniors? 

Just because we are an independent raw pet food company doesn’t mean that we are not interested in product research and science-based nutritional information. We’ve been committed to producing complete and balanced frozen raw foods since 2001. We test our diets post formulation at a 3rd party laboratory to be sure we’re meeting the AAFCO guidelines. We also completed all life stage feeding trials in 2012 for canine and feline formulas. In 2019, we added some digestibility testing to confirm what we believed to be true about our whole-food-based diets and while I’m excited to share our findings with my veterinary colleagues, I’d also like to share the results with all of you.  #buildabetterbowl 

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