We offer curbside and delivery. Our TEMPORARY LIMITED hours are Sunday 10-4 & Monday - Saturday 10-6 Daily updated information on our facebook page. Nail trimming has been suspended.

COVID-19 information

Event Info:

  • Start : March 16, 2020
  • End : April 16, 2020


Pet Store update.

We welcome you inside the store to shop (we are limiting 5 customers at a time) When you come to shop please do not shop inside if you or anybody in your household are ill or knowingly have been in contact with anyone who have the virus.  We employee's who have family members with compromised immune systems and would hate to have them bring this home to them.  We ask our staff to do the same.  It's enough that colds and flu are also circulating now, we don't want anyone's immune system taxed.  If you are under the weather, and you need pet food  please call our store to arrange for delivery to your home, we will leave it by your door.  Please call our stores for details. Delivery is free!

Because we are limiting the number of shoppers please keep the number of people from your household visiting our store to a minimum. If your kids are at an age to stay at home or with another adult at home, please keep them home!

Please remember to practice social distancing when shopping in our stores. Keep distances from others to 6 feet when possible.

Please bear with us when we limit how much food you can purchase; we just want to make sure there is food for all pets in the community.

Please use your credit or debit card if at all possible. If you need to use cash please inform the cashier BEFORE the transaction so she can protect herself. Credit or Debit  is our preferred method of payment to keep staff and customers safe.

Please be patient with our staff! 

We are trying our best to keep items in stock that our distributors still have!  

We are operating with less staff at this time as well. 

It is important to us to be here for our customers. We will continue to do that as long as the state and federal guidelines allow and as long as our staff are all healthy and can remain safe.

Please check out our facebook page for the most up to date information because things can change by the hour.

Our business has been deemed essential for now. We will continue to keep the store open unless directed otherwise. We have changed to limited hours.  


  • We are limiting to 5 people in store.
  • No children in store if possible.
  • No pets in store if possible.(this is for the safety of pets we are using a different stronger cleaner)
  • No nail trimming suspended until further notice
  • Shorter store hours.
  • All sales have been put on hold.
  • Social distancing 6 ft from others.
  • Credit or Debit is prefered method of payment (inform cashier BEFORE purchase if you have cash so she can protect herself)
  • Check Facebook page for daily updates.
  • Be kind - patient - grateful to retail workers they are working VERY HARD and under extreme stress at this time.
  • Take care of your mental health.  Remember we will get through this.

🚙For a limited time we are enabling curb-side pickup and delivery. 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐦🐠🦜🐇🐾      Call the store 262-679-6776 or e-mail psnmore@yahoo.com for details.

Before you turn to the big-box stores online for your pet needs, please don't forget about us! We speak for every small business in Wisconsin, when we say we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you now and in the future!      

Together, we will weather this storm and get through this abnormal time as America always does!