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Text  pets to 77948 and opt in to our Exclusive Pet Supplies ‘N’ More club (psnmore club)

These dates are subject to change or to be cancelled call: 262-679-6776 to be sure.

How the NEW Freezer day works

There are 31 days put into the basket

On the 15th of every month we will draw out a day for the next month’s Freezer day.

If the next month doesn’t have 31 days and 31 is drawn then we will draw again, same with February.

If on the 15th we draw a day we are closed we will draw again.

We will announce the date on Facebook(like or follow us) Text if you’re in our text club (text pets to 77948) check out our website at or you can call 262-679-6776 on the 16th or stop in.

We have changed the Freezer Friday’s because we have had many people say they just couldn’t get here on Friday’s, this way it opens it up for everyone, and you will have at least a 15 day notice.  Instead of raising the prices on frozen we are just changing to 15%.


New to Pet Supplies ‘N’ More for all you Prey model feeders we are now a drop-off spot for My Pet Carnivore Please remember we are only the drop off site we have nothing to do with ordering, paying for or storing product.

 Please call the store at 262-679-6776 to make sure it’s still on.

    Nail Trimming will now only be
    Saturday’s 12pm-3pm (Addie)
    Cost is $10.00 per animal

  • Every Thursday and Sunday Frank will be holding a training class.

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